Wall of Fame

These people from Allen County whose accomplishments and work are recognized on national and international levels represent only a small portion of the many local individuals who deserve recognition for their contributions to American Society.

Calvin S. Brice.jpg

10/17/1845 – 12/15/1898

Railroad organizer and Ohio senator

Phyllis Diller.jpg

7/17/1917 – 8/20/2012

Pioneer comedienne, television and movie actress and best-selling author

Hugh Downs_1_edited.jpg

2/2/1921 – 7/1/2020

 Journalist and television host for some of the most influential television programs to date

William A. Fowler.jpg

8/9/1911 – 3/14/1995

Nobel Laureate Prize winner, world-renown physicist and professor

Alfred Joseph Frueh.jpg

9/2/1880 – 9/14/1968

World-famous cartoonist and amateur horticulturist 

Joe Henderson.jpg

4/24/1937 – 6/30/2001

Grammy Award winning jazz musician

Dean Jagger_edited.jpg

11/11/1903 – 2/5/1991

Emmy and Oscar winning character actor with credits in over 150 movies

Robert W_edited.jpg

1/29/1920 – 3/14/2002

Track and Field participant at the Olympic games in 1928, World War II medic, and doctor

Thomas C. Lynch.jpg


Retired Naval Commander and executive chairman of major organizations

Leonard F. Mason.jpg

2/2/1920 – 7/22/1944

Medal of Honor recipient in the Pacific Theater during World War II

William E. Metzger.jpg

2/9/1922 – 11/9/1944

Medal of Honor Recipient on the Eastern Front during World War II

Maidie Ruth Norman_edited.jpg

10/16/1912 – 5/2/1998

Actress in over 200 stage and screen roles and professor at Bennett College

Helen O'Connell.jpg

5/23/1920 9/9/1993

Singer, actress, and beauty pageant hostess

Leslie C. Peltier.jpg

1/2/1900 – 5/10/1980

Nationally known amateur astronomer and author

Edmund Battelle Taylor_edited.jpg

4/4/1904 – 4/30/1973

Naval Commander during World War II and recipient of several honors during his career


1/29/1920 3/14/2002

Career Army Officer and advisor to the Chief of Staff of the United States Army

John W. Van Dyke.jpg

1849 9/13/1939

"Dean of the Oil Industry"