The Allen County Historical Society was established as a community organization in 1908, dedicated to the collecting and preserving of historical artifacts and documentary items for the education and benefit of the public.

Artifacts in the Allen County Historical Society's permanent collections include a broad range of objects and documents, primarily, but not exclusively, related to the history of Allen County, Ohio. The object and documentary collections currently consist of over 200,000 items, including but not limited to tools and equipment, textiles and costumes, personal and recreational artifacts, transportation artifacts, and art objects. The document collections contain manuscripts, books, manuals, periodicals, pamphlets, maps and plans, prints, negatives, photographs and slides, audio and video tapes, and microfilm. The objects and documents in the collections range in date from pre-historic to the present, but are predominantly from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The Allen County Historical Society houses three types of collections: permanent, reference, and education.


Soap Box Derby Car - 2404.001

James Ethan Jackson was from Elida, Ohio. Jackson was the second place winner in the 34th All American Soap Box Derby on Aug. 14, 1971 in Akron, Ohio. He was sponsored by Lima Soap Box Derby Association. 

Bill Wrigley, Curator of Classic Soap Box Derby Racers (1933-1999), created the 3D rendering of Jackson's derby car below.